Thursday, 24 January 2019

Lucky Miner App Payment Proof :

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Gift Panda App Latest Paypal Payment Proof :

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Payment Proof of GiftPanda App | How to work in GiftPanda App

How to work in GiftPanda :

Install from below link :

Referral code : ZKGSJO (  use and Get 500 coins)

-Go to Discover

-install the given App

-Keep Open the installed App for 10 seconds to get the coins.

-Refer friends to get 10 % coins from them

Payment Proof:

How to Earn money with Sooper App | Payment proof of Sooper App :

Install Sooper App :

How to Earn :

- Rs.5 For Signup

- Rs.8 - 20 for Referral

- Earn money by uploading videos.Rs.20 for 20 Liks | Rs.10 for 10 shares.

Payment Proofs :


Saturday, 5 January 2019

Raspberry pi 3 unboxing and Review :

Buy Here :

Specification :

Brand: Raspberry Pi

Series: Model B

Colour: Black

Item Height: 34 Millimeters

Item Width: 7.6 Centimeters

Screen Size: 60 Inches

Item Weight: 45.4 g

Product Dimensions: 12.2 x 7.6 x 3.4 cm

Item model number: RASPBERRYPI3-MODB-1GB

Processor : Count 4

RAM Size: 1 GB

Wireless Type: 802.11bgn

Number of USB: 2.0 Ports 4

Voltage: 5 Volts

Operating System:

Ubuntu Mate, Snappy Ubuntu Core, PINET, Windows 10 IOT, Raspbian, Pidora, OSMC, OpenElec, RISC OS, Arch Linux

Included Components Motherboard

Spotify UI Color Changer | Colorify Cydia tweak :

Colorify is a new tweak available on Cydia , it allows to fully customize the Spotify application
We often tend to want a night mode for our device jailbroken, but with this tweak you will have the opportunity to create a clear mode that does not exist on Spotify !you can add virtually any splash of color to your Spotify Music app that you might want without having to pick from developer-made presets.


To configure it, go to Settings tweak, you can: 

  • Turn on / off the tweak 
  • Color the header and navigation bar 
  • Color the background 
  • Color the text 
  • Color button icon 
  • Color the text of the status bar 

Cost :free

compatiable with: IOS 11

Repo :

Friday, 4 January 2019

How to work in Appstation App | Payment proof of Appstation App :

How to work in Appstation App :

Install App from the below link,


Screen Shot :


Steps :

1.Go to Featured Tab.

2.Install the given App

3.Use  the App  for the time as per Mentioned in the My Apps

4.Coins will be added in the wallet.

5.After reaching 4999 coins you can Redeem $0.5  to Paypal (Rs.35)

Payment Proof :

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Batterynotch | Latest cydia Tweaks

Batterynotch | Latest cydia Tweaks

iPhone X users have embraced the notch. While most of us have gotten so used to it that we barely notice that it is even there, others have found clever ways of using it to give their device a unique look. If your iPhone X is jailbroken then possibilities of using notch for creative and fun purposes are endless. A new jailbreak tweak called BatteryNotch is one of the tweaks that are a must have for iPhone X users.

Color changing size based on the current charge, the color of the notch line will also change. While it will be green at full charge, it will turn light green when the battery reaches half, orange when it is lower than 20 percent and red when the device’s battery is critically low. From settings, users can change between fixed colors or automatically changing colors based on current battery.

-Compatible only with the iPhone X.

-Represent the battery precentage around the notch using a thin colored line.

-Option to choose a fixed color or have it automatically change from green to yellow to red (can be changed to any custom colors) as the battery drains.

-Option to pulse the BatteryNotch bar when charging.

-Option to use a thicker BatteryNotch bar.

-Option to have a yellow color when in Low Power Mode.

-Option to make the BatteryNotch bar always full, good if you want to differentiate battery levels only using color or just showing off the notch with cool RGB colors.

Option to hide the stock battery indicator.

Repo : ($1.50)